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Private Lessons

Private/Semi-Private Lesson Program

(First lessons scheduled beginning of May)

Lesson Types: 

There are two types of lessons that are offered by The Jackson Juniors Volleyball Club - Private or Semi-Private. All lessons are one hour in time with one coach on the court. Private lessons are considered to be one on one court time. Semi-Private lessons are done in a group no larger than five players.

Lesson Fee Structure:

Jackson Juniors Members:

  • Private Lesson - $50.00 per hour
  • 2 - 3 Person Lesson - $45.00 per player
  • 4 or more people Lesson - $40.00 per player

Non-Jackson Juniors Members:

  • Single Private Lesson - $65.00 per hour
  • 2 Person Lesson - $60.00 per player
  • 3 Person Lesson - $55.00 per player
  • 4  or more people Lesson - $50.00 per player

When Emailing request, please provide the following information:

  • Name of Athlete in Email Subject
  • Age of Athlete
  • Skill you wish to enhance
  • Dates and Times available for lessons
  • Contact information (name/phone numbers)
  • Contact email address (if differs from one used to send)

Registration /Payment:


Should be made at the time of Lesson by writing your  check to The Jackson Juniors Volleyball Club or cash to the coach at site.  

OR  get a discount by paying for 10 lessons but getting 15 hours.

to pay in bulk of 15 an hour each lessons use:

Email Jackson Juniors