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This is for the 16’s, 17’s & 18’s only.
This tournament requires that we book hotels assigned by the tournament host. If you have not made your reservations please follow this link to make a reservation. This has to be done tonight. We only have up to tomorrow 12/1 or we will not be able to participate in this tournament and they do not issue any refunds. We have already paid entry fees and we can only pull out by tomorrow to be able to get a refund. So please act quickly.
We only need to get a minimum of 4 rooms for 3 nights per team.

The cheapest hotel I found are at the Holiday Inn Express in Brentwood and they have 13 doubles available @ $130 per night. The hotel is about 9 miles from the venue.

Remember to select your team name while making a reservation. Remember hotel to pick is HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS NORTH.

PARENT PASSCODE: – P15556557975230

I’ll check tonight after practice to see how many have booked.

Please act quickly. If we don’t meet requirement by tomorrow we are out of this tournament.

Thank you!
Sorry for the late notice. I didn’t think they would impose this on us for this tournament.

Volleyball Bags

Posted by The Jackson Juniors Volleyball Club at Nov 29, 2018 9:08AM PST

Here is a picture of the bags to be ordered. Looks like the image did not get attached.



Check your teams calendars for practice days, locations and times for the month of November!


Preseason Scrimmages

Posted by The Jackson Juniors Volleyball Club at Nov 1, 2018 1:50PM PDT

Hello All,
As we are about to begin our regular practices sessions I would like to inform you ahead of time to pencil in your calendars Sunday December 2nd in the afternoon as a play day. We will be playing Premier Girls Volleyball Club teams from Memphis. They will be sending their 12’s, 13’s, 14’s , 16’s and 17’s team. We will try to have each of our team play 2 games against them. So be prepared to have a long Sunday afternoon. This play date will be at Union and we will be running the 2 courts in the AUX GYM. We will use this day as our officiating practice date as well. So bring your whistles !

Teams have been posted. Look under teams to find your team. Do not get too comfortable yet. Things might change and players maybe be moved around as we progress!



Posted by The Jackson Juniors Volleyball Club at Oct 28, 2018 5:57PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who showed up to try out for our JJVBC teams. We will conduct our first practices at USJ lower school gym on the dates listed below.

  • p(. # November 6th from 6:30
    p(. # November 7th from 6:30
    p(. # November 9th from 6:30*
If you did not make at least one tryout plan on attending either session. For the first 3 practices we plan to divide the practices in 2 sessions. From 6:30 pm to 8 pm and then 8 pm to 9:30

The following players will have practice from 6:30 to 8 pm. If your name is not on the list plan to attend practice from 8 pm-9:30 pm. Some of you will be asked to interchange their practice times. This is to help us make sure we have the opportunity to look at each player more closely. So prepare to be flexible.

BE AT USJ FROM 6:30 – 8

1. Abigail Suiter
2. Kolbee Hulsey
3. Savannah Spencer
4. Sydney Lackey
5. Caroline Wilkerson
6. Cambry Hollingsworth
7. Leigh Baldwin
8. Malea Grace Marbry
9. Aslynn Tracy
10. EJ McCalla
11. Leah Morris
12. Briley Craft
13. Anna Cheatham
14. Camdyn Maxfield
15. Grace Cavitt
16. Chloe Webb
17. Kylie Atchison
18. Ellie Smith
19. Jesslyn Gateley
20. Jayla Gateley
21. Anjolia Terry

Thank you and looking forward to a great season!