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I have just spoke to the tournament Director and she says the tournament is still ON. They have made a few changes to start at 9 am instead of 8 am. She also says it’s not snowing down there at all and they are over there setting up the courts now. I’m still waiting for every one’s responses before I make the call for our teams participation.



Posted by The Jackson Juniors Volleyball Club at Jan 12, 2018 8:52AM PST

Parents & Players,
I want to take a vote about playing this weekend. They are not willing to cancel the tournament or refund tournament fees. The roads do not look promising either. If we decide not to participate in the tournament we will lose our money and the tournament as well. This will be have to be a majority decision for each team. Please respond ASAP so I can tally up the numbers. Text me if you need to.


Coach Phylis.

Practice dates for January have been posted. Check you team’s calendar for practice times. Keep in mind that this is subject to slight changes for unforeseen circumstances. I’m working on the rest of the dates. You will be notified once complete.

Thank You!

Practice is at Union from 7-9 tonight.